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Surfside is a petite gated beach community with a very small number of houses located near Seal Beach and Huntington Beach, California. The community of Surfside is so small that there are only three rows of houses. Each row in Surfside is named with a letter. The first row is named “A”, 2nd row is “B”, and 3rd row is “C”. Surfside is a neighborhood, technically belonging to the City of Seal Beach CA. The Surfside neighborhood is so small that is is located west of PCH right on the Pacific Coast, northwest of the Huntington Beach neighborhood of Sunset Beach. The Surfside community is identified by a wooden water tower located on the west side of PCH that has been converted to a home perched high above Surfside that can be seen from the Pacific Coast Hwy.

The Surfside neighborhood became it’s own in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s as Pacific Ocean Surfside resort community. The Surfside resort transitioned into a neighborhood and was later incorporated into California in the early 1930’s. After Surfside’s incorporation it was originally determined that Surfside would have both sides of PCH adding to rows A, B, C with a succession of 2 rows “D” and “E” of houses constructed East of PCH. Unfortunately the plans to expand Surfside to the East over the freeway did not come to fruition.

The Surfside colony is famous for claiming that no home in the neighborhood is more then seventy-five feet from the beach. Surfside is positioned on the Pacific Ocean next to Anaheim Bay and Huntington Beach Harbor area just to the south. Surfside has a temperate beach climate and average temperatures are recorded at about 70 °F year round. The Surfside temperature record high is about 112 F  and its record low was below freezing at approx 25 F. Surfside enjoys a pleasant offshore breeze year round and this constant breeze servers highlight Surfside’s desirability when compared to other beach communities.

Based on the most recent Surfside census data collected in 2010, there were approximately 200 full-time residents of Surfside inhabiting a little over 100 available dwellings. According to the same census the Surfside area is recorded at 10% of a square mile, one of the smaller neighborhoods in Southern California. Furthermore, the US census reported some interesting demographic information, that the average age is about 45 years old, and 98% of the Surfside population was Caucasian. Since Surfside is a one of the best beach neighborhoods in it is also home to a great school district. Since Surfside is in Orange County it is served by The Los Alamitos Unified School District. The Surfside community now has has about two hundred twenty-five housing units based on current housing data. Therefore this is a reasonably accurate count, though it’s considerably greater than reported in the 2000 census. The Surfside community possesses a large variety and a wide array of the types of homes that line the city of Surfside. The community has an eclectic mix of home styles and is anything but a track home community. The housing styles available in Surfside include small studio beach cottages all the way up to huge 3 story mansions. The wide diversity of homes and home sites add to Surfside beach side attractiveness and laid-back charm.

Some of the more expensive plots of land in Surfside were originally small beach front cottages. More recently virtually all the homes in Surfside even the very smallest Surfside homes are valued in excess of a million dollars. Compared to the million dollar beach shacks, some of the higher end properties have been recently sold around the 6 million dollar mark. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when evaluating Surfside real estate is that “A” Row houses are the most highly valued because of their pristine and unblocked views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. Surfside rows “B” and “C” are less desirable respectively because they are further away from the beach and their view are more obstructive than A rows in the Surfside California community.

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