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Sylmar is a moderately diverse neighborhood located in the center of the San Fernando Valley. Based on the last 2010 United States census Sylmar was recorded as having a thriving Hispanic and Latino population as residence. Sylmar is predominantly known for its olive orchards and is also a rural area containing a high number of public parks and planned recreational areas. Over the last few decades Sylmar was famous for a multitude of olive orchards and many decades before that the City of Sylmar can follow its roots all the way to the completion of the San Fernando Mission in the late eighteen hundreds. After the founding of the Mission in the late 1890’s many planned olive groves were started by the Spanish settlers. The weather and climate of Sylmar mimicked the Mediterranean climate conditions and aided in the cultivation of crops, especially olives, and also its population expansion in the early 1900’s.

About fifteen centuries before the Spanish began to occupy the area that is now considered Sylmar, the land was home to a Native American tribe. The Spanish built the Mission and began colonizing the Tataviam Tribe of Native American. A Padre at the Sylmar Mission from was responsible for Sylmar’s olive boom. This Padre of the Spanish Mission identified the similarities between Sylmar in both climate and soil to those found in the Mediterranean. The Padre soon received seeds from Spain to aid him in his task. The Spanish influence is edicent in the Sylmar area, where many missionaries spoke Latin and the names of the surrounding Sylmar community began to have Latin roots. in the early 1900’s the surrounding area was named “Sylmar” meaning “Sea Of Trees,” referring to the rural area of Olive Trees bordered by huge forested areas. Later in the 19th century Sylmar was incorporated in Los Angeles County.

As of the last United States census it was recorded that approximately 70 thousand residents inhabit the roughly thirteen square miles of the Sylmar neighborhood. This population density in Sylmar equates to approximately fifty-five hundred inhabitants per square mile which is a very low relative population densities. Within the last decade there has been a population expansion in Sylmar and the population rose to approximately 80 thousand. In the last census the average age for Sylmar inhabitants was 28 years old which is acknowledged as relatively young for a city like Sylmar. The neighborhood of Sylmar was considered relatively ethnically diverse when compared to other cities of similar size in LA county. Sylmar’s population breakdown is as follows; Hispanic about 70%; Caucasian approximately 21%; African American about 4%; Asian approx 4%, and others ethnic people roughly 3%. Of the Hispanic and Latino population Mexico comprised approx 72% and El Salvador about 9% were the most commonly noted country of origin  of the roughly 37% of Sylmar residents that are foreign national, this Sylmar statistic is average for other similar sized cities in LA County.

Recorded in the last US census the average household income was approximately sixty-seven thousand dollars per year. The Sylmar property rental market is relatively strong. People who rent in Sylmar occupied roughly 30% of the total housing in Sylmar, home and apartment owner comprised approx 71% of the total housing market in Sylmar. The average size of households in Sylmar was recorded at a higher than average number, of 3.8 people per household. On the North, Sylmar borders the Tujunga Canyon and Kagel and Lopez canyons to the east, and is known for light winds influenced by a steady offshore breeze.

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