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The City of Tarzana is a suburban neighborhood area located in what is referred to as the San Fernando Valley. More precisely Tarzana is situated in Los Angeles County California. Tarzana is widely recognized as a predominantly residential neighborhood, and has minimal business districts located in Tarzana proper. The name Tarzana originated because TV shows and movies about Tarzan were filmed on where the town now sits. Tarzan with the addition of an “a” on the end softened out the name and made Tarzana a more appealing place to live.

Some known history about Tarzana is that it had a colorful existence ever since it was claimed for the Spanish in 1797. Tarzana and the surrounding area now was inhabited by Spanish explorers and missionaries. In that same year of 1797 Mission San Fernando was constructed to propagate Catholicism. The area including Tarzana was later controlled by by Mexico after the Spanish rulers lost their control. During the Mexican-American war in 1848  what is now Tarzana was awarded to the United States in by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. After the United States gained control over the Tarazana area the land passed from family to family and transformed into a number of large farms and cattle ranches later owned by by local aristocrats. As California became more of a vegetable and cattle producing area, the aristocratic charm of private ranches began to be in direct competition with companies and investors that wanted to turn Tarzana into an extremely large agricultural operation. Most of the wealthy families with their Tarzana farms sold out and moved toward the coast.

Tarzana’s city lines and boundaries were allegedly determined by LA’s most famous News Paper, The Los Angeles Times.  What is now Tarzana and the surrounding county area were reportedly purchased in nineteen hundred and nine by the LA Suburban Homes Co and in concert with the owner of the Los Angeles Times acquired over five hundred acres and used the publishing power of the LA Times to push the development of the Tarzana area.

In 1919, The famous writer of Tarzan books bought a large acreage and named the area Tarzana Ranch. After Tarzana Ranch was was created it was later subdivided and sold to developers for residential single family homes. The City of Tarzana measures approximately 9 sq mi and is bordered on the East by Encino, on the southern side by Topanga, on the Western side by Woodland Hills and on the North by Reseda. Victory Boulevard borders the North most section of Tarzana and Bordered on the other side by Topanga State Park.

In 2000 the census recorded approximately 36 thousand people inhabiting Tarzana. Also recorded in the census there were approximately four thousand people per square mile which is the among the lowest pop densities in Los Angeles. Also the 2000 United States Census shows the ethnic composition was primarily Caucasian  with approximately 71% of the total population. The next most highly represented population in Tarzana were people of Asian decent at approximately 5%, and African American comprising about 4% of the Tarzana population. Approximately 35% of the total population of Tarzana was born in a foreign country so Tarzana is becoming more diverse as California becomes more and more a melting pot of ethnic diversity.

According to the last census conducted in 2010 approximately 10% of Tarzana residents were United States veterans. The last census also reports that the average age of a Tarzana resident was 38 and is evidence of the gradually aging Tarzana population. Lastly the 2010 census reported that the average income in Tarzana is approximately seventy six thousand dollars per year.

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