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Tecate is an rural city situated in southeastern San Diego County California, in what is referred to as ‘Mountain Empire’. Tecate California is located North of the US Mexican Border in San Diego across from a Mexican town sharing it’s namesake. The Mexican City is referred to as ‘. Tecate CA and the surrounding area is widely recognized and remembered for its border crossing from the United States to Mexico.

The surrounding area of Tecate CA known as the ‘Mountain Empire’ is comprised of 6 distinctive areas each with their own characteristics and identities, but each of these areas are similar with respect to their natural characteristics such as terrain,  resources, and environment classification. These areas with Tecate being the most recognizable also include areas named; Jacumba, Potrero, Campo, and Boulevard and other unincorporated area. As a result of Tecate California being a port of entry, the US Tecate area possesses unique land uses. These unique land uses have aided in Tecate’s growth in the last twenty years. Since Tecate is a port city much of its land is used for industrial and commercial use. Tecate’s housing market is secondary to Tecate’s raw land and industrial market.  Its

In San Diego County there are only 3 ports of entry to the United States. Tecate is the East Most Port of Entry in San Diego County (San Diego Tijuana Metro Area). The land port of entry is situated in between the ‘Mountain Empire’ of San Diego County and the Municipality of Tecate California. Tecata port of entry is the smallest land port of entry when compared to the much larger Otay Mesa and San Ysidro entry ports. The Tecate port of entry and border crossing has maintained it’s smaller size because of the miles of rugged winding roads that need to be navigated in order to make the crossing on the Mexico Tecate area. Mirroring the road conditions on the Mexico side the US side has better conditions but the crossing has also been kept smaller because of the one lane winding Mountainous roads in and around the US Tecate area.

The Tecate CA  port of entry was originally established around 1919, and served to secure and inspect both walking traffic and motorized traffic between the US and Mexican border. Tecate’s historic port of entry and border inspection station was renovated to increase capacity in late 1933 in an effort to maintain security while allowing for more crossings. More recently the Tecate port of entry was overhauled in 2005 and the port of entry and boarder crossing was reopened later that year. After the renovation the pedestrian and motorized traffic began to be separately handled at the Tecate port of entry and border crossing. Since 2005 motorized traffic is currently inspected separately in a new facility annex nearby.

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