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Temecula is considered as a gem of Riverside County. As of the 2010 census Temecula had a relatively large population of approximately one hundred thousand people inhabiting the city. Temecula was incorporated in late 1989. The inland Empire is a large sprawling land area that Temecula is considered to be part of. Temecula is the south west most portion of land in the Inland Empire (IE). Temecula is popular tourist destination for many reasons throughout the year. The city of Temecula is more widely known for its wineries but is also home to historical structures located in “Old Town Temecula” during Polo season Temecula draws people to the “Temecula Valley Polo Club” for many Polo tournaments. Temecula Valley Wine & Balloon Festival is also a high tourist traffic and visitation period and occurs yearly. Lastly, the “Temecula Valley International Film Festival” is widely known and attracts wine and movie lovers from around the United States and around the World. Temecula is primarily a tourist destination but is also becoming more popular among full time residents since the early 2000’s.

Going back 10 years from the early 2000’s the early 90’s Temecula was blessed with robust growth and expansion in Temecula Valley and up to Orange County border. Incentivised with high home affordability many people started to migrate to Temecula from neighboring counties like Orange and San Diego County. In the mid 2000’s Temecula maintained its accelerated growth but this growth was not organic, and was accomplished through encompassing and acquiring “Redhawk” and other neighboring communities. Further aiding Temecula’s rapid growth and over all desirability, the Temecula Valley possesses coveted Mediterranean climate enjoyable for people and grape vines alike. Like many neighboring cities, late August to early September are commonly the hottest time of the year. Conversely, late Dec to early Jan are the cooler months. Like Temecula’s Mediterranean climate suggests most of the rainfall happens between early December to March. In Temecula the most arid time period is usually from late June through July where virtually zero precipitation is recorded on an annual basis, additionally the precipitation for the whole year is recorded as about 15 inches annually. It is not uncommon for Temecula to experience higher temperatures and a much more arid climate from late June to early September. In the late fall months and into winter Temecula enjoys arid and windy conditions where the famous Santa Ana winds blow dry desert air through the Temecula Valley.

Based on the 2010 Census Temecula was inhabited by approximately one hundred thousand people. Because of this large population inhabiting a relatively moderate sized Temecula Valley the pop. density was approximately thirty-four hundred inhabitants per sq mi. Also reported by the census conducted in 2010 the ethnic makeup of Temecula City was approximately 71% Caucasian, about 4% African American, roughly 2% Native American Indian, approximately 10% Asian Americans, and about 8% from a combination of racial designations. Diving a little deeper into the breakdown of Temecula’s population, the 2010 census determined that the inhabitants ages were spread out as follows; about 31% of the population were under 18 years old, roughly 10% with ages ranging from 18 to 24, approximately 28% between the ages of 25 to 44, about 25% of citizens between the ages of 45 to 64, and lastly people who were 65 years or older comprised roughly 8% of the population.

Temecula boasts an ample amount of housing, and based on the most recent census there were approximately thirty four thousand dwellings. Of those thirty four thousand built housing units only about 70% were occupied by their owner,roughly 31% were rented. Additional Temecula housing information illuminates the rental potential of the Temecula Valley, the owner inhabited vacancy calculation was approximately 3% and more notably, the rental vacancy was about 8%. The last meaningful piece of information collected showed the average Temecula household earnings approaching ninety thousand dollars per year, and the average family earnings were approximately eighty five thousand dollars per year.

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