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University City “UC” is a community in San Diego, California, located in the north-west portion of the city next to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). It is often referred to as (UTC), an abbreviation for University Towne Center. Many of the professors teaching at UCSD live in the UC neighborhood.

There are two distinct sections of University City divided by Rose Canyon, featuring the Rose Canyon Open Space preserve, and railroad tracks passing through it. South of Rose Canyon lies the older part of University City, built in the 1960s and historically referred to as University Square, centered on Governor Drive. It is a mostly residential neighborhood along Governor Drive with many single family homes. Just southwest of the Governor Drive exit from I-805 is a commercially zoned area containing office parks with low-rise buildings. South UC was developed primarily in the 1960s and 70s.

The newer part of University City lies north of Rose Canyon; it is usually referred to as University Towne Centre (UTC). The entire area has also been nicknamed the “Golden Triangle” by commercial real estate developers.

The topography of University City includes canyons and mesas. The canyons provide wildlife habitats for about 100 different species of birds migrating through the area. The canyons also are a favorite spot for birding, hiking and biking. If exploring the area on foot isn’t your style you can drive around the canyons, using I-5, Genessee Avenue, and the I-805.

University City’s economy is closely tied to the University of California San Diego campus which forms the northern part of the community. Southern areas of University City are composed of a mix of single family homes, retirement communities, and a few pockets of condominiums. The University Towne Center is filled with a variety of apartment buildings and condominiums.

There is also a demographic divide between University Towne Center (North) and (South). Inhabitants of South University Towne Center tend to be homeowners with a sizable population of retired persons, partly due to Town Park Villas retiement community. University Towne Center North is comprised primarily of townhouses, and condos the the population tends to be young professionals, university students and college grads. Because of the age gap from South to North UTC the population of North UC typically rent rather than own their homes.

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