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Studio City is a popular neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley located in Los Angeles County. Studio City was originally known as Laurelwood and also Rancho San Fernando. Originally Studio City was used as an agricultural and farming community, but in 1899 area lost its water rights and it soon became impossible to be a productive farming community. Because the land could be used for agricultural purposes it was converted to movie studios in the late 1920s. The new movie studios are the reason it has the name Studio City because by the 1950s videos were cropping up all around the Studio City area.

In the 2010 U.S. Census it was reported that about 38,000 residents inhabited the Studio City neighborhood. Because Studio City is a little over 6 square miles it has a low population density of about 5000 people per square mile. When compared to other US neighborhood it was one of the lowest population densities in the county. In that same sense as the average age for residents was approximately 39 years old and was considered high when compared to other counties in Los Angeles County.

Studio City is not considered to be a highly diverse neighborhood when compared to other areas in Los Angeles County. Studio City has a high population of Caucasian residents and is known as a more affluent community. The ethnic diversity breaks down with Caucasians accounting for approximately 79%, Latin roughly 10%, Asian about 4%, African-American roughly 3%, and people claiming multiple ethnic heritage accounting for approximately 4% of the total population in Studio City. It is notable that approximately 20% of the residents in Studio City were foreign nationals and have since emigrated to Los Angeles County California.

According to the same 2010 census the average household income was approximately $78,000. This annual salary for households of Studio City is considered high for the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It was also recorded in that census that the overwhelming majority of households earn greater than $130,000 a year. This household income is higher than the average income in Los Angeles County. It is also notable that renters comprised about 60% of the housing market in Studio City and owner-occupied dwellings accounted for approximately 40%.

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