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Sun Valley California is a prospering and predominantly Latino neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley. The area is recognized for its younger population and diversity. Greater than 50% of the total population was born outside the US and are foreign nationals. Sun Valley was originally known as “Roberts” and then later in the 1890’s it’s name was changed to Roscoe. Sun Valley has a reputation for a relatively good education system. Sun Valley CA  has 13 public schools. Some notable schools include including Sun Valley High School, John H. Francis Polytechnic High School and 4 other private schools located in Sun Valley.

Based on the numbers recorded in the 2000 United States census there were approximately seventy six-thousand inhabitants in Sun Valley. Sun Valley CA possesses an average population density for the city when compared to the surrounding cities in the San Fernando Valley. Not a census recordation, but a self reported city number, Sun Valley’s population had exploded to about eighty-two thousand residence. Also reported by the city, the average age for its residents was 27 years old. The average age being 27 was effected by a high percentage of children, and a high number of reported families in Sun Valley. The Sun Valley area is regarded as a  “ethnically diverse”community in the San Fernando Valley. According to the 2000 census reported by the US government, the approximate breakdown of the ethnic diversity of Sun Valley: Latin, 71%; Caucasian, 18%; Asians, 8%; African American, 2%; and others, 1%. Latin American people made up the majority of people in Sun Valley residents. Mexico comprised (55%) and El Salvador (12%) were the most common places of birth for based on the 2010 census. According to that same census the average annual household income in 2010 dollars was approximately $52k. The approximate amount of households where their income ranged from $20k to $60k were considered high for the Los Angeles County. Owner occupied residents accounted for approximately 54% while renters of apartments, condos town-homes and houses accounted for 46% of the housing available in Sun Valley.

Since Sun Valley is situated in the San Fernando Valley it is also surrounded on the south by Burbank, on the north-east by Shadow Hills, on the western side by Panorama City, on the south by Valley Glen and North Hollywood. Around the late 1870’s the “Southern Pacific Railroad” was built extending through the east part of the San Fernando. The Southern Pacific Railroad was credited with connecting Southern California to Northern California and Sun Valley was an important part connecting the two. During the late 1880’s Sun Valley area was considered to be one of the healthiest places to live in the US. Around early 1910’s, the first gas pump on “Route 99″ was installed on the corner of and San Fernando Road and Sunland Blvd.

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