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Sunland is situated against the San Gabriel Mountain foothills located in the North East corner of Los Angeles county. Sunland and Tujunga have became separate cities but they do share a single library, police station, chamber of commerce, City Council and educational system including grammar and high schools. The greater Sunland area is home to Mount Lukens and is the highest point in Los Angeles boasting a summit of over 5 thousand feet tall. Throughout most of recorded history the area of Sunland and Tujunga valley considered a rural community. Sunland is widely recognized as a neighborhood within the real estate community as one of the very few areas in LA County that is zoned for equine (horse) ownership.

In 1885 Sunland California was created but its existence started out with the name “Monte Vista.” The city was created when roughly twenty-two hundred acres the Tejunga Park was divided into asymmetrical lots of forty acres or less in size. Much of this new Sunland subdivided land was used for agriculture. The Sunland-Tejunga area was home to the largest Olive orchard in LA county in the early 1900’s. The name began to show signs of changing, in the late  1880’s the famous Monte Vista Hotel was having its mail being delivered by the Sunland Postal Service. Soon after the postal consolidation of the Sunland area, by 1907 the name “Sunland” was being used in both the delivery address and as the proper name of the city in news articles by the Los Angeles Times. In the early 1900’s the Sunland First Supply Store was built to serve the surrounding Sunland community, the original location of the Sunland First Supply Store was at the head of the Big and Little Tejunga canyons.

Later in the early 1900’s, Sunland was still pristine countryside. This pristine beauty was in large part due to very difficult access to the Sunland area. The mountainside ascends to an altitude of approximately fifteen hundred feet high. Back in the early 1900’s a trip by car from downtown Los Angeles to the Sunland area took most of the daylight hours to complete and this fact prevented the population expansion of the Sunland area. By early 1920’s Sunland’s population began to grow and based on records possessed a growing population of over 2000 people. The after the mountain peaks gave way to the Sunland valley’s rolling hills were the ideal site for growing grapes and olives. These rolling hills also began to attract more daytime travelers looking to experience Sunland’s rural attributes early last century.

After a few decades pass and Sunland’s vineyard and olive industry continue their gradual growth by 1925 Sunland began to become the essence of the city it is today, this is when a measure arose for Sunland to be annexed to a new municipality. By August 1926 the large part of present day’s Sunland was annexed to Los Angeles. Sunland is most often thought of as part of the San Fernando Valley, but Sunland is really located in the Tujunga Valley and opens up into the North edge of the much bigger San Fernando Valley. Sunland is situated on a large bedrock formation known affectionately by geologists as “The Rock,” this large bedrock is sandwiched between two mountain ranges and is recorded by the USGS as being over two thousand feet above sea level. Also because of these mountain ranges and the high elevation Sunland enjoys some of the best air quality in Los Angeles County.

Based on census data collected by the US government, Sunland had a population of approximately 30 thousand people in the last census. Similar to Sunland Tujunga recorded similar statistics but had a smaller population recorded at approximately 27 thousand. Furthermore, in both Sunland and Tujunga equally, the percentage of Caucasian people was high for Los Angeles county. The Sunland average household income was about seventy thousand dollars per year. This annual income for Sunland was considered relatively high when compared to other cities in Los Angeles. Lastly Sunland enjoys a relatively high population of college educated residence.

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