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Sugarloaf  California is community located about a mile from Big Bear City. Most of Sugarloaf is considered unincorporated land adjacent to Big Bear and San Bernardino Mountain Range in San Bernardino County CA. The area is rural comprised primarily of residential dwellings. It is a small mountain community with few shops and stores and complete with a small post office. These Sugarloaf  retail shops are centrally located and the residential units are peppered around the perimeter of these retail locations. Most of the residential properties are at an approximate elevation of 7 thousand feet above sea level and its south most mountain reaches a peak two hundred feed higher. Sugarloaf ‘s public services are under San Bernardino County control because it is such a rural community. There is no Sugarloaf city controlled municipal services for the area, and all police, water and fire public services are provided by San Bernardino County. The ZIP code for the Sugarloaf community is 92386 and the telephone area code is 909. As of the last census in 2010 the population was recorded at approximately 2,000 residents. Even though that San Bernardino County controls much of the public services Sugarloaf is home to Big Bear High School.

Sugarloaf got it’s name originally from the nearby San Bernardino Mountain Range peak “Sugarloaf” because it looked similar to the way sugar was sold at the time. The Sugarloaf Community is served by a San Bernardino County educational system and is home to the Bear Valley Unified School District. According to the 2010 census there are approximately 2,000 residents and a little over 2,500 dwelling units, and approximately 600 single family and  owner occupied residences in Sugarloaf. The community is sparsely populated with an approximate population density of about 900 residents per square mile. The ethnic diversity of Sugarloaf according to the 2010 census was about 62% Caucasian, 22% Latin, 2% African American, 3% Native American, 1% Pacific Islander, 10% from two or more racial groups.

Around the last census the population living in the Sugarloaf area were unique in that about  32% had children under the age of majority living with them, and roughly 45% were married living together in the same dwelling unit, and about 35% were non families. It was also reported that 30% of all households were made up of individuals and 9% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was two and a half people in size and the. Today in Sugarloaf the population is allocated as follows:  29% under 18 years old, 5% aged 18 to 24, 26% aged 25 to 44, 27% from 45 to 64, and 13% who were 65 years old or greater. Currently it is reported Sugarloaf has a split demographic where 50% males evenly match 50% females.

According to the last US census the average income for a household in Sugarloaf California was approximately $35k per year and the average income for an average family was about $42k per year. It was also recorded that male residents had an average  income of $32k and approximately $17k for female residents of Sugarloaf. Averaged out, the gross income per capita for Sugarloaf is approximately $15k per year. Conversely to the average inhabitant of Sugarloaf, the population who own and rent vacation homes in Surgarloaf far out way the total full time Sugarloaf residents. In the 2010 census it was recorded that about 22% of the total households in Sugarloaf had permanent occupancy and was not a vacation rental. The reason that only about 22% of the total housing units were occupied is due to the low cost of housing and the fact that Sugarloaf is in close proximity to a popular ski resort.

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