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Toluca Lake is a Southern California neighborhood situated in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County. Toluca Lake sprawls over two cities,  the city of Los Angeles and the city of Burbank. The neighborhood is situated approximately 12 miles northwest of Downtown LA. Toluka Lake is also the name of a neighboring lake. This lake is kept up and maintained by land owners and it is also fed by the LA river.

Through analysis the US Census Bureau’s 2000 census data done by a well known local newspaper, Toluca Lake is a  well educated, domestically stable, higher-aged city. What is now Toluka Lake was part of the early “rancho system.”  In 1923 Toluka Lake was divided into neighborhoods and real estate  investors bought and developed the land as “Toluca Lake Park.”

The LA part of Toluca Lake is situated on about 1.22 square miles of the south east San Fernando Valley. The Mapping L.A. section of the Los Angeles Times website describes it as bounded on the south by Universal City, on the west by Studio City, on the north by North Hollywood and on the east by the city of Burbank.

The geological depression of  Toluca Lake is about a six acre body of water situated toward the neighborhoods southeastern boundaries. Toluca Lake is a natural lake where water is fed by upwelling springwater from the LA River and other subterranean aquifers.  The Toluka Lake itself is surrounded by privately owned residences and also the Lakeside Golf Club.

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