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Topanga is located in western LA County, California. Topanga and Topanga Park are located along the Santa Monica Mountains. Topanga is bordered on three sides by conservancy lands or State Park. On the south side Topanga is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and a small patch of Malibu. According to the 2010 census Topanga had a population of 8,289 as. The ZIP code is of Topanga is 90290 and the area code is more commonly 310, with 818 being assigned to the most northern areas of the canyon.

The Topanga Creek drains Topanga Canyon and is the 3rd largest watercourse emptying into the Santa Monica Bay. Topanga Creek is one of the few remaining un-obstructed watercourses in the area. The waterway has not been damned because it is steelhead trout spawning ground. Topanga Beach is situated directly on the Pacific coast at the mouth of Topanga Creek. The principal roadways are State Route 27, and Topanga Canyon Boulevard. The southern portion of the boulevard follows Topanga Creek.

Topanga Canyon contains lands of both Topanga State Park, which is the largest park in the Santa Monica Mountain Range. The name “Topanga” is the name given to the land by Native American that is said to mean “a place above”. The area now considered Topanga was first settled by Europeans in the late 1830s. In the 1920s Topanga Canyon was a well-publicized weekend getaway for the Hollywood elite. And several movie stars built large cottages in Topanga Canyon and are still there today. Even today the lush foliage and the rolling hills supply exquisite views and offer privacy for Los Angeles’ the rich and famous.

Because of its sought after location in the Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga is a beloved spot for hikers, and bicyclists alike. On the roadway along the canyon, many care chases scenes were filmed on the steep and winding road with beautiful cliffs in the background of the shot.

Topanga State Park is one of the biggest “open space preserves” in the world. The park showcases a large variety of native plants. Also contained in the park there are many streams, cliffs and waterfalls with panoramic views of the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Many people utilize trails for short hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and more recently birdwatching.

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